A girl dating multiple guys

A girl dating multiple guys

A girl dating multiple guys

Even if you're not sleeping with them, a girl dating multiple guys you still don't look classy at all.

You may not like the answers, but sort of keep the reaction. I'd want a guy to be with me and only me and because he likes.

Guys also date several girls, so why can't the girl do the same? But if this is happening with more than two, three, four guys a week, to other girls, you'll look like a slut. Not because he also needs 10 other girls. We may be in a modern world but still, we girls should take care of our reputation. As you know, a person who pursue two rabbits at the same time will get neither one in the end.

Hey, dating multiple people dating other guys like before locking themselves into a girl for. If non of the 3 works, then at least you did your best. Date date a lot love lover.

However, if you're dating as in you guys are girlfriend and boyfriend, there's a sense of commitment there. Or would they want him to be only dating her. So that you could choose from one of them. I would feel bad about the guys who are getting cheated so to speak.

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Besssia @besssia (94) Philippines 7 Oct 11 I see nothing wrong with socializing a girl dating multiple guys with different men.

But it really depends on the girl and your situation, country, or background, things like. Though there's theoretic nothing wrong with. Personally I wouldn't do it 'cause I'd feel a little bad.

Because if your exclusively dating, maybe you'll miss out that one guy who is really meant for you. At least she can chose who is the best. BUt, it is your freedom, as single person to have such chances to be get acquainted to different guys. You can select the best if you date several men. If you guys are in an open relationship then perhaps.

So if youre a good guy be a good guy, ask genuine questions and talk to her about. The more it favor the situations and events, and helps you find typically what really kind of Guy looking for. We don't want other people thinking we change boyfriends in the same manner we change our clothes. However, as a girl, in my opinion, it's kind of unbecoming to be seen with different men in just a matter of days.

Just do not surrender your flag yet until you found the best one. South Korea 7 Oct 11, you mean three guys at the same time? Dating multiple men romscabs @romscabs (310).

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It is just fair. But It's cheating if you're suppose to be exclusive a girl dating multiple guys and you're dating behind his back.

So likely, she a girl dating multiple guys is dating or at least talking to multiple guys. Who knows, one of them is the right one for you.

Personally, I don't wanna be in an open relationship so it's not something I worry about. Philippines 7 Oct 11, i think it is better like that. Dating a multiple guy does not mean you are the negative thinking of others may think. I am a one man kind of girl and i think its better to date one guy at a time and get to know them better than dating several guys at the same time.

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