Dating ampeg v4b

Dating ampeg v4b

Dating ampeg v4b

Just noisier and flaky as hell! I got in my car the next day with 350 in hand and headed to Pennsylvania to buy.

People bond over shared interests, after all, and people in the same field usually have a lot of the same specific full-fledged passions for the same topics and subdisciplines! Rocks out for just about ANY style of music. One downside is that it's fixed biased but installing a bias pot would be easy. It will never be a Fender.

With this amp I only use the normal inputs. I have been using the YT-12 cabinet with my YSR-1 Custom Reverb amp for about 15 years and I will never give up my head unit or cabinet for anything. It was pretty loud even with the volume at 2; the band that owns it said it was actually too loud. This amp is worthwile for any one that digs real Rock 'n' Roll; circa '56-'68 (RIP). US 199.99 dating ampeg v4b used, fair condition, seen at Daddy's Junky Music at m, September 1998 Found near a dumpster, reverb and tremolo not working, two tubes missing, San Diego/CA, 1998 US 189 used, seen at an Ebay auction, priced above market, October 1998 CAD 376 used. This amp should easily last another 30 years. The amp is quiet, and sounds very "woody" with my '74 Stratocaster, thus representing my guitar properly. But the YSR-1 has a good vibe of its own. The part quality looks pretty high - it has a Hammond A1310 power transformer and a huge Hammond A1312 output transformer.

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Features, front panel left to right: Two channels, four inputs (two low, two high two volume knobs (one for each channel treble and bass controls, reverb control, tremolo speed and intensity controls, and standby switch (also has green and red lamps, green for operate mode. Reliability, this amp is very reliable. Reverb doesn't work - missing three knob caps.

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Everything is supposed to be in pretty good condition and working well. Sounds good for clean sounds This is the best clean sounding amp I've had One of the best values available in a vintage tube amp.

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With the Marshall JTM-C212 cabinet (2x12 wired for 4 ohms) it has a lot of bottom end and a lot of upper mids. Not as pleasing as the classic Fender sound. I love this amp! The amp is deathly quiet dating ampeg v4b with the filter choke; without it, the reverb had a terrible 60Hz hum all the time (which is why, I presume, they trashed the reverb driver transformer).

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This is the best clean sounding amp I've had. I also have a Mesa Boogie DC-3 and it (not suprisingly) has a darker clean tone than the YSR-1 through the same cabinet.

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Price US 75 used US 100 used I currently own and bbc three monster dating operate a YSR-1 head and YT-15 cabinet. Plus, I like the addition of reverb trem. It has crystall clear highs and bassy lows and sounds excellent with the cab I use - a 240 Watt (i think) with 4x10 inch speakers.

Details of the various Traynor amp models, and opinions about them. The bright channel bbc three monster dating is really bright, almost too bright. I can't see myself ever replacing this amp.

The tremelo is kinda nice but more of a novelty dating ampeg v4b it not really about the features it about tone! On the other hand, the YSR-1 has a sweeeet internal reverb and the Marshall doesn't have any reverb. Pretty rugged; only drawback is that the reverb is rather sensitive. I predict a cap job in it's near future. seen at Daddy's Junky Music Auction (tml?101 December YSR-1 Custom Reverb, bought for 125 Canadian at Songbird Music in Ottawa about six months ago so that must have been in about December 1998.

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